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New Solaris demo video by Espen Kraft

Please go here to see Part 1 of a new Solaris video:

Lots of audio examples as Espen shows off the basics of the Solaris.

Part 2 will post in late January.


New v2.0.2 OS Released

I am very happy to announce the release of v2.0.2 Operating System for the Solaris! An update to the new v2.0 Multimode software, this adds new arpeggiator and envelope functions.

Information for current owners can be found in the Forum:



Production Round #8 Sold Out

The upcoming production for Solaris keyboard and tabletop models is now sold out! Please see the Purchase page for future production pre-orders.

Many thanks to all of those who have made the commitment to pre-order a Solaris! It’s been particularly difficult during this time of extreme parts shortage, and I truly appreciate your willingness and patience in waiting for this round of production to get going.


Music Made on Solaris

Here’s a new post from Peter Farn showing a live improvisation of a single patch on his Solaris. Not your typical Rompler or Eurorack style music!


I've had several requests to point out where one might find examples of the Solaris online. There is always this section of the Solaris Forum where you can find contributions by Solaris owners:


The Original Solaris Prototype Revisited

I came across a number of photos from when we first introduced the Solaris, in March of 2007!  You can read more about it, plus view all of the pictures, here:

Solaris 2007 Prototype